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Say Butler , are you having a Super Bowl party with snacks


Superbowl! (everywhere)


Cs 1950 and Ferguson

I LOVE THE USA (Jefferson City) pic

Re 60 are the best (Jeff city)

I like them 60 and up

Remember ESPN gameday? (MU)

MU Curators (Jeff)

re: Click's Community Service (COMO)

looking for free pallets (Kingdom city)

Re re re re 60 aged women gotcha beat

MU idiots

T.G.I.F. !! You know it! (Bars)

Re 60 aged girl gotcha all beat

Click's Community Service (COMO)

Re my 60 year old sweetie

Professor and staff qualifications (UM)

Cold A$$ day today (COMU)

Huummppp Daaaaay ! (COMO)

By any means necessary (MU)

re: What's with this? (Columbia)

What's with this? (Columbia) pic

re: Walmart conley road (Columbia)

re: don't know why I try (The district) pic

Walmart conley road (Columbia)

re: I don't know why I even try I give up (The World) pic

I don't know why I even try I give up

$1,000 a day (Columbia)

And on Sunday he rested (??)

Can I have it Melissa, please! :) (?????)

MU harsh punishments (MIZ)


Chip! Lucky son-of-a-gun! (????)

Pinkel on Thursday (MU)

Why why why are u leaving me (centralia)

RE: Internet Dating pic

MU football tickets (COMO)

Melissa Click (MU)

Help Wanted - Frat Mom (UMC)

Beware potential socket customers (Millersburg)

re had my first fwb only thing better would be a threesome (Springfield)

X-Files (TV)

re Foley said ??? Click (Springfield)

Attention to those in fulton (Fulton)


ladies of Lincoln thank you (jefferson city)

Harrisburg Arrest (Harrisburg)

re: internet dating,,,, wishful thinking (The District)

Internet dating/waste of time (COMO) pic


RE: Marriage Hmmmm (CoMo)

re: Marriage Hmmm (N. Como)

more taxes (col)

re: Let's keep Click bassler

FAKED being 'hit'

Porn Star Goes Ballistic on Anita Sarkeesian

Porn Star Goes Ballistic

*ATTN* all landscape companies (Columbia)

Are you fucking kidding? MU spend taxpayer and alumni money on what?

RE: Tyson (columbia)

American Co Eliminates Labor Day (USA)

Mcdonald's answer to higher minimum wage pic

re: hildabeast {salem} (como)

re: Absolutely Brillant (como)

Absolutely Brilliant pic

Are you voting for Hildabeast? (Salem) pic

bigballs (Louisiana, mo)

Moberly city plow trucks pic

Re: Another perspective (Columbia)

re ability to advance ? (Springfield)

MU rants and actual discussion (Columbia)

another perspective on MU (CoMo)

You still did not answer the question.

Ten's of thousands (USA)

Hostile Work Environment _MU (MU)

Who's opening up their home? pic

You asked for it and about time!

Re Re Bible Verse (MU)

What happened to the hack? pic

Re: Bible verse (anywhere)

Bible verse (COMO)

Re: sky (In da hood)

Re: Bicyclists (Missouri)

Nixon & MU pic

Re: Chiefs lost (Up in da hood) pic

Re: Re: Bicyclists in Central Missouri (Columbia)

Question about the SEC (Springfield)

Re: Bicyclists in Central MO (Columbia)

Cyclists of Central MO etal; (Columbia)

re very cool MU (Springfield)

What you talkn' bout Willis............ pic

L O L - "is very cool" (MU) pic

Re: Are you fucking kidding? (CoMo)

Won't be long now...bye bye click. Take Basler with you! pic

Cum guzzeling Troll!

Tailspin pic

Football coach (Tigers)

Re omg give it a rest

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