Electric recumbent bike - $2,400 (Eldon)

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bicycle frame material: aluminum
bicycle type: recumbent/trike
frame size: Medium
wheel size: 26 in
This is a Bacchetta Agio long wheel based electric recumbent bike. Recently, I had a bike shop build this bike as an electric recumbent. I picked the Agio because it is lower to the ground than some recumbents and so is easier to get on and off and it has a 5 star rating online. This isn’t a new bike (I’m not sure the date of production) but I bought it because it’s in excellent, like new condition. This bike has only about 5 miles on it as an electric bike as I just rode it to test it out. This bike is really great and a very powerful e bike and I have no problems with it. Here's the deal. I have several bikes and trikes. Some larger powered ones I use for trail rides (I rotate them) and the lesser powered ones I ride around town for short rides just for fun or daily use. I explained to the bike mechanic that built this that I wanted a small 250 W motor and 36 V battery as I was just going to use it around town. He said the larger 500 W motor and 52 V battery wouldn't cost much more so I went with that. Actually it did cost a bit more though. Don't get me wrong this bike totally exceeds my expectations. It’s wonderful and very fast but I already have two trikes and one e bike for the trail so it's kind of a waste to use this cool setup for just around town for 30 minute rides. You would have a hard time finding a better e bike that this one with top level electronics for the price.

Located in Eldon Mo. Cash only.

If you have never ridden a recumbent I’ll ride it around for you to show that everything works. Actually long wheel based recumbents are pretty easy to ride with very little learning curve required. But, if you’ve never ridden one I’ll show you that everything is in good working order. The long wheel base recumbents are the most comfortable recumbent bike to ride and easiest to learn.


Frame: aluminum
Shifters /Cables: these have been replaced with new cables and shifters (twist)
Wheels: 26 inch rear, 20 inch front
Tires: Schwalbe
Gearing: I kept the rear cassette and two of the front cassettes so it’s an 18 speed now.
Electric motor: a 500 W rear hub Bafang motor.
Battery: a 52 Volt 20 Amp battery with charger. This is a very big strong battery which will last a long time
and go a long distance.
Levels of assist: It has 5 levels of assist but its really powerful so I doubt you even have to get out of level
2 or 3.
Throttle: It has a thumb throttle that you can use instead of pedal assist if you want. I find a throttle
valuable for crossing streets at stoplights or getting started etc.
Seat: This bike has the Bacchetta recurve seat, which is the most comfortable of any recumbent seat in my
Rack: It has a rear rack. The battery slides into the rack but you can still put a trunk bag on top or paniers
on the side of the rack. They also make seat bags that slip over the back of the seat.
Pedals: It has wide comfort pedals.

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