Electric recumbent bike - $2,000 (Eldon)

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bicycle type: recumbent/trike
frame size: Medium
wheel size: 26 in
bicycle frame material: aluminum
This is a 500 W Bacchetta Agio long wheel based electric recumbent bike. It only has 31 miles on it. This bike is really great and a very powerful e bike and I have no problems with it but I have a couple of electric trikes so I don't ride this bike.

Located in Eldon Mo. Cash only.


Frame: aluminum
Shifters /Cables: these have been replaced with new cables and shifters (twist)
Wheels: 26 inch rear, 20 inch front
Tires: Tires: 20 X 2.25 on front, 26 X 2.35 on
rear (both new)
Gearing: I kept the rear cassette and two of the front cassettes so it’s an 18 speed now.
Electric motor: a 500 W rear hub Bafang motor.
Battery: a 52 Volt 20 Amp battery with charger. This is a very big strong battery which will last a long time
and go a long distance.
Levels of assist: It has 5 levels of assist but its really powerful so I doubt you even have to get out of level
2 or 3.
Throttle: It has a thumb throttle that you can use instead of pedal assist if you want. I find a throttle
valuable for crossing streets at stoplights or getting started etc.
Seat: This bike has the Bacchetta recurve seat, which is the most comfortable of any recumbent seat in my
Rack: It has a rear rack. The battery slides into the rack but you can still put a trunk bag on top or paniers
on the side of the rack. They also make seat bags that slip over the back of the seat.
Pedals: It has wide comfort pedals.

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