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Make up to $225.00 by participating in our community-building study!

The purpose of the study is to develop an online intervention created to serve people who use substances and members from rural Appalachian communities at large who need to improve their testing and prevention behaviors and reduce their prejudice regarding substance use. This will be done through facilitated discussion regarding individuals’ health behaviors, individuals' ability to form and renew social connections, and interaction with the digital platform to increase HIV/HCV testing, improve community engagement, and reduce stigma towards health issues.

Our goal is to evaluate participants who attend an online intervention for reducing risky health behaviors in Rural America, as compared to participants who receive online health educational materials.

Both people who use/used drugs and other people in rural communities will be invited to participate in the study to facilitate interactions among community stakeholders

Participating in this study will give you the chance to receive a free HIV and HCV test. The study is entirely hosted online and requires access to an electronic device.

To be eligible to participate participants must meet the following criteria:

Must be over 18 years old 

Reside in a rural county from the following states: Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, North Carolina, Kansas, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, West Virginia Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.  

We are defining rural counties by the state governments’ designations.  

Able to read and write English 

Has an electronic device accessible in a private space

Participants who have used an illicit substance (e.g, heroin, illegally produced fentanyl) or a controlled substance (e.g., Adderall) that is used in a way that deviates from what was prescribed or was prescribed to somebody else are eligible to participate.

Registering for our specialized online platform will be required of some participants. If you decide to enroll, participating in our study will require completing online questionnaires lasting about 15 minutes in length and may involve attending online interventions sessions.

These sessions will involve other participants from rural counties and discuss different areas of community wellbeing such as community health, relationships, health services, and infectious disease testing and prevention. This is not an anonymous study. Intervention sessions will be a combination of both people who have in the past or currently are using illegal substances.

Sessions will be held over the course of 3 weeks, meeting once a week until the last session is completed.

This is a NIH funded study being conducted by The Social Action Lab at the University of Pennsylvania. The research team has experience working with individuals who use drugs and communities within rural Appalachia.

Please follow the link below to read additional details on the study and enroll if interested!


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