Read before looking at these horses - $2,000 (Kearney)

condition: like new
The sorrel horse is lame in the back right leg. It is twisted in and he steps over past his left side and drops his back hip, this is with out a rider even. He was almost falling with out a rider. Watch it if you go look.
The black horse is barn sour and plow reins barely. He also looks older than he is BUT they say he has papers making him 12. I myself don’t trust the papers, specially after them dismissing the lameness on the other horse. But I forgot to look at the teeth as I could already tell I couldn’t trust them.
The black horse does have a good gait when he is in it and likes his pace, they say he would do better with shoes but needs a major refresher and attitude adjustment and to be out of the barn! (I told them I wanted to see them caught but they didn’t have the black horse loose, so I would specifically ask them to turn him loose if you plan to pasture him as he MAY be hard to catch since they didn’t do that for me as specifically asked)
Also she was a nice sweet lady till she could tell I wasn’t buying and was just trying to help her 81 year old husband get off safely before we left then she rudely said “are you riding him or not” (I had already said he wasn’t what we need for my daughter but didn’t want to run off till I knew he safely got off the horse) I said no, he isn’t what we are looking for, thanked them and left.

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