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WANTED OLD MOTORCYCLES 1950's 60's 1970's - $9,999 (Call (800)220-9683 For an Offer!)

Wanted to Buy for Private Collection:

All Old Motorcycles (1920's 1930's 1940's 1950's 1960's 1970's)

Paying you and picking up at your location, safe and easy. You do not have to bring your motorcycle anywhere.

Always Buying in "as is" condition and coming to you. One motorcycle, a few motorcycles, whole collections.


✅ ☎ Toll Free: 1(800)220-9683

✅ WEBSITE: (copy and paste link)

✅ Online Contact Form: (copy and paste link)

Will Purchase Motorcycles in any condition from junk to mint, especially buying those needing restoration.
Purchasing for the Collection: Motorcycles made before 1980 ONLY (nothing newer)

Buying in any condition. Good or bad, complete or incomplete, running or not.

Get the info on how to sell your motorcycle the fast, easy and safe way at:

Always buying! Any Condition: Original, Restored, or just for parts. Antique, Classic and Vintage.

BUYING IT ALL! Excellent condition survivors to fixer upper projects or junk bikes for parts. Also NOS parts lots.



Call for an offer: (800)220-9683, please leave a message if no answer.

This is the best way to sell your vintage motorcycle for the price you want!

Please do not contact if you want to buy a motorcycle, nothing is for sale, everything is kept in the collection.

Do you have an old motorcycle sitting untouched for the past 30 years? Sell it! Get paid the money you want and make room in your garage, shed or barn. Regardless of condition, call or email with your asking price. If you don't know how much you want, ask for an offer. It's fast, simple and remember you don't have to wash it, get it running, or do anything to the motorcycle.

Always buying "as is" Always coming to you, at a time that works on your schedule, weekdays or weekends.

Purchasing all classic Pre 1980:
Moto Guzzi
ALL other makes, RUNNING OR NOT, RUSTY OR MINT. Please no GL1000 Goldwings or newer motorcycles.

Buying AS IS! You won't have to do a thing. Don't wash it or dust it off, just count the money. It does not get easier

Also Buying: Helmets, Enamel Dealership Advertising Signs, New Old Sock ( NOS ) Dealer inventory and related memorabilia. Minibikes, Dirt, Scooters and Mopeds.

To get a offer go to the website and email pics anytime. Its the best way to sell your vintage bike at the price you want

Call (800)220-9683 please no text messages (This is a landline not a cellphone or smartphone)

Send an email on your laptop / computer or use the contact form on the website.

The Website can be accessed by any Android Device (Samsung Galaxy s10, s9, s8, Note) or Apple iPad, iMac, iPod, iPhone, MacBook Air or pro. There is a contact form to attach photos on the site.



Find out how to sell your old motorcycle for the price you want at:

WTB: British * Japanese * American * Italian * French * German * Laverda - Rickman - Bultaco - Benelli - Matchless - Royal Enfield - Vincent - Velocette - Moto Parilla - NSU - Moto Morini - Aermacchi - Maico - Hodaka - Rokon - Brough Superior - MV Agusta - Premier - Fantic - Pope - Henderson - Cleveland - Excelsior - Flying Merkel - Crocker - Ariel - Casal - Horex - Cyclone - Gilera - Kaizom - AKT - Jawa - Hercules - Buell - Bimota - Whizzer - Tomahawk - Maserati - Bianchi - Cagiva - Yale - Nimbus - Panther - Rudge - Scott - Terrot - Ural - Yale - AMF -Thor - Rupp - Sony - Metisse - Motobi - Sachs - Greeves - Ace - Ossa - Vizio - Montesa - Mondial - Motosacoche - James - Cushman - DKW - AJS - KTM - ESO - CZ - Zundapp - Rumi - Can-am - Fratelli Ferrari - Sunbeam - Ceccato - Puch - Lambretta - Vespa - Simplex - HD: Flathead Knucklehead Panhead Shovelhead Big V Twin, Bonneville Tiger Trident Rocket 3 Trophy Tigress Lightning Thunderbolt Bantam, Water Buffalo Waterbuffalo T350 T500 Titian Titan GT380 GT550 GT750 GS1000 GS1100, RD RM250 RD250 RD350 RD400 Daytona Special RD500 R50 R50/2 256gb RZ500 XS650 XS-1 XS1-B 32gb XS-650 128gb XR750 TZ, Basement Fastback Roadster 4k Interpol led Police Hi-rider Interstate Combat Wombat, AMA, Motocross, motorcross, MX, Moto AHRMA Le Mans Eldorado, ambassador, Bell Mag Magnum Helmet, Specialized, Wes Cooley, Eddie Lawson ELR, Craig Vetter, Two Stroke, Shaft drive enclosed lcd, rim, rims, Used, Board Flat Track Tracker, Street, foreign import imported Trial Trials Enduro, Title, Club Clubman clubs, Crate Bored Engine, John Warrior, Silver Arrow, model models Blackhawk, Commando, landscaping open trailer table hitch, hillclimber, Grand Prix, Cam Dryer, Atv Utv Trade barter, Power Roller Screen, Dog, Rolling Frame, Battery Powered, King Queen Seat Pan, Handle Bars, Registration, Lawnmower briggs Stratton powered minibike, Tractor chain, 4x4 bbq Grill dewalt Makita, ryobi, rigid, bosch vacuum, tandem, Refrigerator fridge, Kenmore, Oven, Dishwasher, Microwave, tickets, ticket camera printer, A/C washer, Weed eater pull cord start, Iron, dining room living bedroom set toys Bicycles Bike Bicycle Basket Case Shadow women's woman's men's Bates leather jacket Leathers, fiberglass Gas Tank, Superbike Era, Chopper, Powerplus, Traveling will travel in hand, Trek, Pre War Post, Rat, Military, Collectors, Collecting, Bobber, Hill Climber, Rare, mc m/c, HTF, Replica, Non Working, Evinrude, Sharp Tin, Salvage, Cash, Fuel Injected, Museum Quality Restoration, Junker Supersport Sport, mechanic, Gamma, Broken, repair Tool Tools toolkit, lost missing, truck delivery service Servicar, Purchased at Storage unit Facility Auction Estate Tag Yard Sale, Damaged, clean Scrambler, attic, outdoor, cellar, Fat Free, Sand Cast, Chief, Scout, Pawn, First gear Loan, vin, motorized vehicle, Basketcase, Motorbike, LeMans, Pickup, cc, Pick Up, Hurricane X75, Rapide, R90S, Rebel, P11, Victor, Scrap Metal, Kaw, TR5 Stroker, Road Bonnie, Jap, Top Dollar, Highest Prices, Worth, Project, custom Appraise, Appraiser, Appraisal, kick start, Barrow Estimate, Guide, nascar Manual, fix it jobs, Detail Job, Disco Volante, RE5, Campera, Manx, Supreme Sports Bushman Golf gold Goldstar Shooting Star Fleetstar Barracuda starfire T65 wr450 A10 B44 A65L A70L show Spitfire Hornet A75 R Turbo GT185 copy 8 125 0 150 0 175 2 200 2 250 0 350 9 400 6 500 8 550 3 650 c 750 a 850 t 900 1000 1100 101 401 402, WL EL FL LG FLH J JD JDH KH KHK KR VL VLH VLD WL WLA WR U UL DVD ULH TV XA SUV, T120 T120r TR6R T110 T150 TR65 TR7T TR65T T140LE Wedding T140J Jubilee T140AV TR7AV TSSAV TR7VS T140ES Electro Electric owner smart seller buyer W1 TSX8 T150 T150V T160 X75 Three Quad T90 T100 T100A T100SS T100S T100R TR5T T140W TSS T140D T140E T140 D1 D3 Major D5 D7 D10 D14/4, RV90 RV125 KAW A1 A2 A3 A4 B85 Navigator Electra Terrier Cub Carburettor Wheeler carburetor car Carb Cleaning Thruxton CB92 Manx Tina Tigress Speed Camper Adventurer ES400 R32 Atlas dominator 745cc Mercury P11A Ranger N15 TR5 TRW500 6T Thunderbird 3TA 5TA TR25W T100C TR6C TR7V TSX TS8-1 Midnight Candy Lime Red Blue Yellow Orange White Brown Burgundy Pink Copper Aluminum Aqua Olive Purple Gray Platinum Rust Rusted NADA Kelly BlueBook KBB Book Value factory production cafe racer outboard S1 Mach I 250cc S2 II 350cc S3 400cc H1 H1500 triple III 500cc H2 H2750 IV 750cc Z1 Z1900 900cc Z1R Z1-R z900 KZ900 KZ1000 KZ 1000 KZ-1000 MK. Mark II Z750RS Z2 Z1000-H Z1000-ST KZ1300 z1300 KSR II KZ-1100 KZ650 KZ750 KH500 A1 Samurai kittens A7 Avenger triples B85 B85M D1 B8M Furore C2SS C2TR G1M G31M Centurion Puppies G4TR G4 Trail Boss G4TR-A KV100 KV100 KV100 F11M F21M Green Streak F3 Bushwhacker 175cc F4 Sidewinder Dyson F5 Bighorn boat Denco chambers exhaust pipes F6 125cc F7 175cc F8 Bison Drone F81M F9 ZXR 750 / ZX-7 1000R Ninja ZX-10 / ZZR-1000 GPZ900R KH125 KH250 KH400 1015cc Sei four-cylinder sidecar Z750RS Z2 KZ400 Z400 KZ440 Z440 KZ350 Z650 Z1000-H Z1000-ST KZ1300 (Six cylinder) KZ900 LTD A4 F1TR F2TR 175cc J1TR 85cc CB CL CT CA CX CBX Series CB750 Four 750k KO K0 K1 K2 K3 K4 K5 K6 Sandcast CB-750 CB750F CB350F CB350 CB450 Black Bomber CB500 CB550 CB550F CB650 CB250 CB125 CB175 CB160 CB360 CB360T CB400F CBX1000 CB71 CB77 Superhawk Roomba Baby Dream 305 CA CA90 CA95 CL350 CL77 CL100 8002209683 CL305 CL360 CL450 Mini Z50A Z50 Z50M Z50R Z50J QA50 C71 C72 C76 C77 R60 R65 R60/2 R50/2 R27 R80 R90 R75/6 R90/6 R100 r100RS r90S GS GSPD Air Head Heads R12 R17 R32 R35 R39 R68 R-series R75 RC142 Juno M85 M80 Super C100 CA100 C102 C50 C110 C111 C110D C114 C105 CD105 C115 MR50 CT50 Dumpster Hunter repainted painted paint Ramp lift jack CT-series CT90 90 CT200 C105H C105T CA105T C100H C100T CA100T CT70 CT-70 CT125 125 NCZ50 Motocompo C105H C105T CA105T C65 S65 Motosport SL70 XL70 ST70 CM90 C200 C90 CM91 C90 CD90 CT200 S90 CS90 C100EX H100S Benly Benley C92 CB92 Elsinore CR250M C70 XL250 Hellcat ATC90 ATC70 ATC110 ATC125 ATC200 NR500 NSR500 CR250R MT250 MT125 XL70 XL100 XL125 XL175 XL250 Hawk CA77 CL77 SL350 Copyright © 2013-2020 by All rights reserved.

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***If you feel sick or have any symptoms that you might have the Corona Virus Covid-19 selling your motorcycle can wait. Wear a surgical mask (N95 respirator masks are the best) Wear disposable latex rubber nitrile gloves. Stay safe and remember even if you feel a little sick, selling your motorcycle can wait.***

*** FINDERS FEE for any leads that materialize. Help your neighbor, relative or friend and get paid for it ***

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PT Cruiser 05-08 PT 08-09 Sebring S2000 01-09 S2000 CR Azera Elantra Touring Genesis 3.8 - 4.6 2009 01-06 Santa Fe Sonata GL 4WD 05-09 Mariner 06-09 Milan Montego Monterey Sable 08-09 3000 91-98 Diamante 93-04 Eclipse 06-09 95-05 Endeavor 99-03 DE - ES - GTS 08-09 04-07 Lancer Evolution 08-09 Enthusiast 350Z Track 370Z Quest Rogue 08-09 Sentra Acclaim 89-95 Breeze 96-00 89-94 Laser 89-94 95-00 Sunfire Vibe Saab Scion Baja Forester GT 2.5i Impreza WRX STI Legacy 05-09 Outback 02-07 Tribeca 06-09 Vitara 06-09 Sx4 Crossover 08-09 Sx4 Sedan Solara Camry Solara 99-03 Celica Corolla Corona Highlander (800)220-9683 Mainline IS250 CROSS LS350 Aviator MKS MKX MKZ Zephyr Mazdaspeed CX-7 Millenia Miata Protégé RX-6 RX-7 RX-8 RX-8 R3 Tribute Marquis Marauder Matrix XRS Prius Rav Sienna Supra Tacoma X Venza Beetle Convert GTI Volkswagen Jetta Passat (6 - Cyl) Tiburon Hyundai Tucson Veracruz XG300 XG350 Ex35 G37 I30 I30 T I35 I35 Infiniti M45 Q45 Compass Liberty Patriot 2WD Prospector Amanti Optima 2.4L 2.7L Rondo Sedona Kia Sentry Freelander SE SE3 04-06 ES350 93-06 GS350 98-00 01-07 GS450H TSI 96-06 15 16 17 18 19 20 22 24 15" 16" 17" 18" 19" 20" 22" 24" inch inches wheel rims rim Ctry 96-04 Daewod Leganza 98-03 95-00 - SXT - RT 08-09 Caliber FWD SRT4 08-09 SXT RT Caravan Intrepid 93-04 SRT 03-06 Nitro STX - SLT - RT Stealth 91-96 95-00 Coupe Electrical late model 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 service testing repair GM SENTRA ACCORD CUTLASS LS6 LS5 441 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 86-89 TPI Galaxie f100 rx7 cougar montego caprice GTO Gran cutlass 442 tornado regal riviera gs restored, replica deals on tire rack SS, RS, GTO hemi, small block, tubbed, drag car blown, pro supercharger, airbags, lowered, trade, cash, K5, C10, rod ex, dx, cx, si, integra, gs, gsr, hatchback, hatch back, tein, spun, coilovers, tokico, hid, iphone, ipod, ipod touch, 3g, 3gs, b18 b16 b18c5 vortex vortech 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CBR1000F VF1000 ATC70 ATC90 ATC110 TRX ATC200E RED ATC200X ATC250R FL250 FL350 FL400 PILOT BW80 CT1 CT2 CT3 125 175 AT1 AT3 DT1 DS6 DS7 DT125 DT250 RT360 TORQUE INDUCTION RT1 DT360 GT80 JT1 HT1 90 IT465 L5 LT2 LT3 MX100 MX125 MX175 MX250 TR3 MX360 MX400 R5 350 RD125 RD200 RD XS1 XS2 RD350LC RZ350 KENNY 800-220-9683 ROBERTS YPVS RS100 RZ500 TDR TY80 TY175 TY250 TY350 TZ250 TZ350 TZ750 YDS BEAR YG1 YG2 YGT TRAILMASTER YL1 YM1 YSR50 BW200 XT500 YZ125 YZ250 SC500 FZR600 FRZ750 SRX400 SRX600 TX 650 XJ650 SECA 800-732-9626 VMAX FZR1000 TD1 TD2 RV125 SP370 SP500 TS400 TS250 PE400 TM75 TM400 RM125 KH125 RM250 RM370 RM400 GSXR750 GSXR 1000 GSXR RGV250 RG500 RG250 GAMMA GT185 GT380 RE5 ROTARY STINGER XN85 T250 HUSTLER G5 G4 KLR250 KV75 KT250 KX60 KX80 KX125 KX250 KX500 A1 DOHC KH S1 S2 S3 GPZ GPZ750 GPZ305 GPZ1100 KZ550 KZ1000 LTD ZR1 Z1R TC KZ1300 ZEPHYR K1R ZR1100 W1 ZL900 ELIMINATOR MARUSHO ELECTRA 8002209683 ST 175 D1 D3 PLUNGER STAR B33 D10 BUSHMAN C10 C15T B31 B33 B34 ZB BB M20 M21 C15 B40 B44 441 A10 GOLDEN FLASH FURY SS SPITFIRE A50 STAR A65 HORNET MK IV A65 WASP SPITFIRE FIREBIRD A75 3T 5T 6T T100 T110 T120 TR5 TR6 T100C 3TA 5TA T100A TT UNIT PRE UNIT TERRIER T20 200 TR20 BLAZER C15 TRW T25 TR5MX MK II HI- HIGH RIDER MANX 850 PLAYER EDITION 8002209683 DOMINATOR JUBILEE P11 N15 V700 V7 AMBASSADOR TELAIO ROSSO V7 850 SP G5 LE MANS II CX100 III 1000 SEBIG SP III GT 1100 V11 R32 R17 R5 R51 R66 R61 R71 R61 R71 R75 R24 R25 PLUNGER EARL R25/2 R51/2 R51/3 R67 R67/2 R67/3 R68 R50 R50/2 R69 R60 R60/2 R26 R27 R50S R69S R50/5 R51RS R5SS RS54 R60/5 AIRHEAD R75 R75/5 R75/6 R60/7 R75/7 R100/7 R90S R90 R100 RS R45 R65 R65LS R80 G/S R100RS R100GS K100 K75C K75 K75S DUO GLIDE DYNA LOW WIDE SPORTSTER KH KHK JD XLCR CAFE VR1000 FL HYDRA 1200 FXR PEASHOOTER 165 X-90 BAJA UL WLA XA XR750 SF SF750 JOTA MORINI 160 MONZA 450 PANTAH 860 GT BRONCO DESMO MARK 3 MHR PASO 851 GT 900 SS DESMO RGS HUSQVARNA CR125 WR250 HUSKY GP 360 CROSS VIKING AUTO 390 CR 501 RADIAL JACK PINER PENTON DAYS CAN AM CZ FALTA YANKEE SHERPA 125 ALPINA MATADOR ASTRO METRALLA EL BANDIDO 360 LIBITO 100 PURSANG MAR SEI TORNADO DYNAMO 65 BUZZER E90 G3 G9 G12 G80 WHIZZER PACEMAKER SPORTSMAN AMBASSADOR COTA METISSE 750S AMERICA CI ARIEL SQUARE READ LEADER LIL FOX ARCTIC CAT BONANZA aem gsr integra acura srt-4 ricer rsx bride5zigen volk 8002209683 volks racing mr2 240sx 240z 260z 280z 300zx 350znismo drift drifting dorifto, jdm, rota, TOYO cl integra jdm legend nsx rl rsx tl tsx vigor lucerne regal riviera cts seville aveo beretta caprice cavalier cobalt Corsica hhr Lumina Malibu maxx prizm hemi cirrus concorde lebaron PT cruiser Lanos Leganza Nubria caliber colt intrepid shadow h2b h22 k20 k24 kits b16a lsvtec b20b b20z b18a b18b b16a2 b16a3 b18c1 gsr b18c5 type r ctr itr lsd tranny block head p72 pr3 p30 p72 ecu b16a2 b16a3 b18c1 b18c5 ITR CTR lsd s4c s80 kaaz slicks drag race nhra slick rota ef eg ek em da crx s2k ap1 ap2 dc5 ep3 ef cx vx dx Si eg6 hb shell engine swap crank piston rods rod jdm swap lsvtec 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